7 Female Hosted Tech Podcasts for Everyone

I'm a massive fan of podcasts and have been listening to them for several years. As my interests change so do the podcasts I listen to, and for the past couple of years my podcast library has been full of both tech focused and true crime podcasts.

I wanted to share some of my favourite inspirational, female hosted tech podcasts which I have been listening to and learnt a lot from.

Tech Podcasts

1. Learn To Code with Me

Learn to code with me was the first tech podcast I started listening to several years ago. Hosted by Laurence Bradford each episode is an interview with someone working in the technology field and includes advice for learning how to code, getting started in tech and building your career.

Recommended Episodes

2. Ladybug Podcast

Hosted by three tech queens, Kelly Vaughn, Ali Spittel and Emma Bostian, the Ladybug podcast was created to debug the tech industry and add female voices to the highly male populated tech podcast space. And that’s exactly what they do; every episode is honest, educational and always leaves an impact on me.

Recommended Episodes


SEO SAS is a podcast focused on SEO from the perspective of two of the industry’s greats; Sarah McDowell and Hannah Bryce. In this case SAS stands for special answering service, which is exactly what this podcast is about. Each focuses on a specific SEO issue where Sarah and Hannah discuss, demystify and provide advice around the topic.

Recommended Episodes

4. La Vie En Code

Self-taught web developer, Nicole Archambault, hosts La Vie En Code where she shares her experience as a self-taught developer, interviews tech professionals, provides industry advice and helps listeners maximize their learning potential. There is not a single episode which hasn’t inspired me and Nicole’s openness is so inspiring for anyone getting started learning to code.

Recommended Episodes

Tech Podcasts 2

5. We Belong Here

We Belong Here is a weekly podcast hosted by Lauren Lee which features interviews with career changes working in tech while helping to diversify the industry. What I love about this podcast is how it features unique stories from people with different career backgrounds who have broken into the tech industry and every episode is super inspiring.

Recommended Episodes

6. Base CS

Produced by the CodeNewbie team, Base CS is a podcast designed to provide beginner-friendly computer science lessons. Hosted by two of the smartest women in tech, Vaidehi and Saron. Base CS is based on Vaideahi’s blog series of the same name and covers everything from the fundamentals of CS, to data structures and algorithms.

Recommended Episodes

Every single one, starting with;

7. Git Cute

Git Cute is the newest podcast added to my library and I can’t recommend it enough. Hosted by software engineer Jocelyn Harper, every episode is full of advice and experiences for working in the technology sector. The podcast also features interviews with other software engineers and discusses hot topics and news related to tech. It’s also perfect for newbie coders.

Recommended Episodes