Hello World: December 2020

✨ "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." - Sun Tzu

🌍 Content to check out

Playground and Cheatsheet for Learning Python

A collection of Python scripts and cheatsheets to explain the syntax of Python including operators, data types, control flow, functions and classes.

Introduction and Intermediate Python Course

Created by Nina Zakharenko, this complete introductory guide to Python takes you through the fundamentals of the language in easy to follow format with code examples to try out.

Using Python and Google Big Query to Scale Google Trends in Near Real Time

Dan Leibson and Bryan Heckler from Local SEO Guide joined Hamlet Batista for a RankSense webinar to explain how they built a solution to scale Google’s Trends for millions of queries in near real-time to analyse data from the United States’ 2020 election day.

☀️ Projects

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

A great starter project for anyone looking to learn more about how Python can be used to write interactive programs. This was the first project I wrote when I first started learning.

🌱 Inspiration

Give yourself a break - lessons from burnout

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve been feeling a lot more burnt out this year than in the past. This great post from Sophie Koonin has 4 simple tips for why you should go easy on yourself right now 💜

💙 D&I;

Use Data Empathy to Become a Better Data Scientist

We all work with data in one way or another and like to believe that data is objectively true or false, when in fact it is much more nuanced. This insightful article from Julia Nikulski explains the importance of empathy when working with data.

✨ More cool-ness

Tab for Black Lives Matter

This wonderful Chrome extension created by a couple of friends is an essential tool for anyone wanting to stay actively engaged in the Black lives matter movement. It includes new resources to learn from, funds to contribute to and petitions to sign each day when you open a new tab in Google Chrome.

Check out their website to learn more.