Hello World: March 2021

🌸 "Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius." - An Wang

🌍 Content to check out

How to build simple web apps to automate your SEO tasks

Charley’s BrightonSEO talk was as amazing as I was expecting. He shared an introduction to automating Python scripts with Streamlit along with some of the really cool things he has built. It definitely got me interested in Streamlit and I’m excited to start creating some scripts.

Is Python SEO Right For You? Practical Python Advice and FAQ

I’m sure if you’re reading this that you know the Python SEO hype is real, but it can also be super overwhelming when you see all of the amazing people in the community sharing things they have made (I feel it too). This post by Greg Bernhardt offers practical advice and answers several questions around getting started with Python for SEO.

Using Python scripts to analyse SEO and broken links on your site

We talk a lot about how Python can be used for automation purposes, but there is also a lot of potential around solving common issues we usually come across - which can be pretty time consuming if you are working on a large website. This article is an introduction to the Python SEO analyser script, which does basically what it says on the tin, analyses your website for SEO issues. Including word count, page titles and missing alt text.

☀️ Projects

Analyzing Google Search Console Data with Python

I am obsessed with this script that Masaki Okazawa shared as a RankSense twittorial. It demonstrates how to automate Google Search Console insights with URL segmentation, sorting, and pivot tables and even visualisations.

🌱 Inspiration

Women’s History Month: Computer Science Pioneers

It’s no secret that women are pioneers in computer science, this post shares a list of amazing women in STEM from throughout history.

💙 D&I;

FOUR things to know about race and gender bias in algorithms

This is a really insightful Twitter thread around bias in algorithms, which is definitely something I think we should be aware of. “Remember: It’s not the algorithms who are biased, but the people who create them and feed them with training data. Not the computer is responsible, but the human who’s using the computer.”

✨ More cool-ness

How to create a competitive analysis dashboard for Core Web Vitals using Google Data Studio

One of my new favourite things to do is create competitive CrUX dashboards, they’re fun to make and super useful. I learned how to make them from the dashboard queen Rachel Anderson, and now she’s written a blog post explaining the process to help others learn too! Have fun