Hello World: November 2020

🌱 "Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow" - Plato

🌍 Content to check out

Ladybug Podcast - Python

In this episode of the Ladybug podcast, the hosts talk all about Python, what it’s used for, why it’s great, and how it’s different than JavaScript. It’s a great listen for anyone interested in learning Python and want to find out more, they also share lots of great resources.

How to Predict Content Success with Python

Another great, and actionable, article from Hamlet, this will show you how to use Python to fetch search query data from Search Console and estimate its potential for content production.

Pyjamas Conf 2020

A python focused conference where all speakers and audience members are encouraged to wear pyjamas? Count me in. This 24 hours streaming of talks about Python is designed to connect Python communities around the world that you can access at home.

☀️ Showcase/Projects

Web Scraping Python Tutorial – How to Scrape Data From A Website

A really cool functionality of Python is the ability to scrape websites in order to extract useful information. This actionable article covers how to best use Python for web scraping and works through the process step-by-step using a snazzy library called Beautiful Soup.

🌱 Inspiration

How to Learn Python The Easy Way (And Not the Way I Did)

‘Python is supposed to be one of the easiest programming languages to learn’, however it’s important to approach it in the right way, otherwise it may not be as easy as you expect. This article shares the author’s failed attempts at learning Python, and how he went about discovering the best learning approach for him.

💙 D&I;

Data For Black Lives - D4BL Crash Course

The global movement, Data For Black Lives, have put together an incredibly insightful crash course where they will be sharing a new data or justice concept every Wednesday on their Instagram. Starting with: What even is an algorithm?

✨ More cool-ness

United Search

A group of amazing SEOs, who are on a mission to help diversify the industry, have created an incredible SEO Speaker Accelerator and mentorship program called United Search. Here is a little more about the organisation in their own words:

“By offering mentoring advice from people with real world, practical, SEO experience, we give students the skills they need to be able to deliver an amazing presentation on any stage and the network they need to land gigs.”

Find out more, and apply for a mentor here.