How I use a Learning Log (with free Notion template)

Why I track my learning

I started tracking my learning last year after reading this post by Sky Houdei. I've found it a really great way to keep a track the things I am learning and to help motivate me to keep trying new things. It also helps to keep me to accountable to things I have signed up for and make sure I follow through with what I have committed to.

What I track

The things I track in my learning log are any courses I take, tutorials I have followed, videos I have watched or educational books I have read.

Other things that you can track in a learning log could be interesting articles or webinars and even events you may attend.

How I use my learning log

There are several columns that I track in the learning log;

  • The title of the course or book
  • The learning provider, creator or author
  • The learning type (course, video, book etc)
  • The language or skill that I have learned
  • The progress (starting soon, in progress or completed)
  • The date I completed it

I created my learning log in Notion, which makes it super easy to keep updated, is really customisable and also allows me to create a page linked to each course or book so I can keep note of any key finding.

Notion also allows you to create several different views of the same information, so I can have a table view to display all of the information, as well as a kanban board view grouped by the progress.

Learning log

I also created a template of the learning log, which is free to duplicate and use if you would like to create your own learning log.

You can find the template here and all you need to do is select duplicate (and create a Notion account if you don't already have one). Then you're ready to start tracking your learning!

Table view

Learning log table

The table view features columns for the title, learning provider or author, type, language or skill, a space to track progress and for adding the date of completion.

There are some filter options already added for the learning type, language and progress sections, but these are completely customisable if you are tracking different things or learning different languages or skills.

Learning log filters

As I mentioned above, each course can have it's own individual page where you can track any useful notes or findings. There is the option to either use the learning log notes template, which is a bullet list, or to keep the page empty and customise it how you would like.

Learning log page Learning log notes

Board views

There are also some board views within the template, which are grouped by the progress of each course, so you can keep a track of those in progress and easily add anything you are hoping to start soon.

Learning log board

I hope this has been helpful if you're looking to track your learning. I'd love to hear if you use the template and any additions you would make :)