10 Reasons to Own a Dog

Bringing a dog into your life is one of the most rewarding and fun choices you can make.  What's better thanks waking up to s smiling face, wagging tail and licks all over your face? Plus there are a lot of scientific proven benefits than owning a dog can bring into our lives.  If you're still undecided, here's 10 reasons why you should definitely get a dog.

1. Dogs increase your mood

It's a scientific fact that spending just 30 minutes playing with your pup can increase the serotonin levels in your brain helping you feel more relaxed, therefore increasing happiness and reducing stress. Dogs are also able to sense changes in our emotion and will do whatever they can to cheer you up, way before anyone else even realises you're upset.

2. Improve your health

Dog owners are known to be more active than others, because of daily walks and adventures. Therefore dog owners have less risk of developing cardiovascular problems and have a higher rate of recovery in general.

3. They're great for children too

Dogs have proven that they can improve children's self-esteem, making stressful situations easier to handle and there's nothing cuter than seeing a child talking to their dog.

4. They provide protection

Even during puppyhood, dogs learn to watch and protect their owners. They become aware of anything which may put in at risk. Dogs are also very aware of any strange noises or people around your house and may even bark to warn you or scare them away.

5. Improve your social interactions

This is one of the things I have benefited from the most. I've always been a shy person and find it hard to deal with social situations. Dogs need socialising with other dogs as much as they do with humans, so it's your job to provide them with that. I took Ember to training classes which helped both her socialisation and my confidence, but if training classes isn't your thing, there's always puppy parties! (when it's safe of course)

6. You'll never have a dull moment

You'll never find yourself at a loose end wondering what to do. There's always a park you walk, an adventure you can go on and or a toy to play with.

7. Don't worry about being lonely

You'll never feel lonely when you have a four legged shadow following you around. You'll never pee alone plus your arrival will also be greeting with utter glee.

8. Become a better person

Having a dog comes with responsibility, commitment and patience, to name just a few. These are all good traits to have as a person.

9. Laughter for days

Ember makes me laugh everyday, her funny little quirks and the silly things she does everyday will always cheer me up. Laughing is also scientifically proven to improve your health. Happy dog = happy human. Win win.

10. Your best, most loyal friend

Perhaps the most rewarding part of having a dog. A dog will love you forever, no matter what you do.  They will never judge you and spend most of their time trying to understand you, they probably know us better than we know ourselves. You'll never have a bond with a human like you will with your dog. All they want is make us happy.

Are you a dog owner? What's the best thing to come out of owning a dog for you?