Reasons to Not Get a Dog

There's no question about how amazing and enriching owning a dog can be.  But it also a huge commitment and with the wonderful things, also comes the less pleasant factors which everyone should be aware of if they are thinking of getting a dog.


Thousands of dogs are handed into shelters every year, as many people are not aware of the less favourable sides to owning a dog.  Here is 9 reasons not to get a dog.

1. You like a lay in.

But if your dog needs to pee, they need to pee, even if it's 5 in the morning or pouring with rain.

2. You like going out, for hours on end.

Dogs don't like being left alone for a long time, plus they, like humans, can only cross their legs for a certain amount of time.

3. You're a clean freak.

Dog's are not clean, they are animals.  Just like children they have accidents, they love to chew and shed happens!

4. You like puppies.

Most people like cute puppies.  But few people like the adult, full grown dog they become.  Puppies don't stay cute, cuddly puppies forever.

5. You're bored and think a dog could be fun.

Then get a hobby, it's a lot easier to give up when you inevitably become bored.  Of course dogs are fun, but they are also living, breathing animals with daily needs.

6. You're a commitmentphobe.

Dog's are a daily, ongoing commitment.  They need daily walks, food, attention and love.  If this is something you can not guarantee you can give, don't get a dog.

7. You like going on holiday.

But what's going to happen to your pup when you go away? Consider the care you want for your dog, and the cost.

8. You're not ready for a huge responsibility.

Being a dog owner is a massive daily responsibility with walks, feeding, grooming, training and ultimately keeping your dog happy.

9. Can you return the unconditional love you will receive?

Dogs will provide you unconditional love, guaranteed. If you're not able to return that, then getting a dog isn't for you.

Too many dogs end up abandoned, and in shelters because their owners could not deal with them or they weren't what they expected. That is why it is so important to take the time to think about dog ownership before you welcome one into your life.