About Me

About me

I like dogs, conspiracy theories and this 🥺 emoji. I’m also perpetually bad at talking about myself so I'll keep this short. I've always been obsessed with the digital world and pretty much grew up around computers. I'm also quite bad at socalising and have always been awkward around people, so I usually choose to spend time reading or playing on a computer over talking.

After working towards a career in digital marketing I found a passion for SEO and I'm now so fortunate to work in technical SEO. I also (somehow) made the shortlist for Young Search Professional of the Year 2019 at the UK Search Awards (does that make me an award losing SEO?) I'm passionate about user experience, performance and accessiblity, with a keen interest in automation and machine learning. Despite not having a CS background, I've spent the last year learning to code (and making many mistakes) in my free time, which led me to creating this blog.

In my spare time you'll probably find me reading, watching videos of dogs, doing yoga workouts, listening to BTS or binging a Netflix series. I'm also passionate about fighting social justice issues, female empowerment and animal welfare.