Learning Log

A log to track and share my learning progress with helpful resources.

Progress Type Title Tutor
🌕 Course Learn Python 3 Codeacademy
🌕 Course Basic HTML and HTML5 Free Code Camp
🌕 Course Intro to Python Kaggle
🌕 Course Intro to Pandas Kaggle
🌕 Course Learn Data Analysis with Pandas Codeacademy
🌕 Course Learn Data Visualization with Python Codeacademy
🌕 Course Learn Statistics with NumPy Codeacademy
🌕 Book Automate the Boring Stuff Al Sweigart
🌗 Tutorial Django Girls Tutorial Django Girls
🌗 Book Learn to Code and Change the World Girls Who Code
🌗 Course Introduction to Python Programming Code First Girls
🌗 Course Applied Accessibility FCC
🌗 Course Python For Everyone PY4E
🌗 Course Basics of Machine Learning Codeacademy
🌕 Course Version Control with Git Udacity
🌕 Course Intro to Web Development Code First Girls

🌕 - Complete

🌗 - In progress

🌑 - Starting soon

This learning log was inspired by Syk Houdeib's post for Free Code Camp and Learning Tracker.