Speaking at Women in Tech SEO

I wouldn't call myself a speaker, but I have done a bit of public speaking over the last year, which is one thing I thought I would never do!

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Topic: Why Accessibility is More than Just a Lighthouse Metric

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Past Events


#CrawlError - January 2021

Topic: Practical Python for Technical SEO

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All New Digital Virtual Summit - January 2021

Topic: An Introduction to Python and Machine Learning for Technical SEO

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SMX Virtual Fall - December 2020

Topic: Using Python for SEO and Report Automation

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Rank Up Podcast

Topic: Teaching Yourself Python

December 2020


DeepCrawl Live - November 2020

Topic: Why Diversity Matters

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BrightonSEO Online Academy October 2020

Topic: Python for SEO Data Analysis

BrightonSEO October 2020

Topic: Getting to grips with Python and Machine Learning: How it can help with your Technical SEO

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RemoteSEO Meetup

Topic: Mastering SEO for Large Scale Websites

August 2020, Remote

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SEO SAS Podcast

Topic: Diagnosing Technical SEO Issues and UX

August 2020, Remote


Majestic Old Guard vs New Blood

Topic: In-house SEO vs Agency SEO

May 2020, Remote

Bristol SEO Meetup

Topic: The Power of Python :: How It Can Help With Technical SEO

May 2020, Remote

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Women in Tech SEO Fest

Topic: Python For Technical SEO

March 2020, London

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Pint-sized Marketing Meetup

Topic: Tackling Python: How It Can Help With Technical SEO

January 2020, Dublin

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TechSEO Summat

Topic: Tackling Python: What is it and How Can it Help with Technical SEO?

October 2019, Sheffield

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Topic: Machine Learning and Python For Marketing Automation

October 2019, Milton Keynes

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RBBIs SEO Mastermind: Innovative SEO Tactics

Topic: Tackling Python - What is it and how can it help with Technical SEO?

September 2019, Dubai

Search Leeds

Topic: Women in Tech Panel

June 2019, Leeds

Speaking at Women in Tech SEO